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We plan to run a variety of workshops for our Members, Associate Members and Students, many with guest speakers. Watch this space!

Specialist Workshop on Clearing Lower Vibrational Energies and Soul Retrieval

We offer a day, specialist workshop on clearing lower vibrational energies and soul retrieval.

'Thank you so much for all of the valuable information shared during this informative workshop. I loved that Su shared many stories of her own experiences which helps me to feel comfortable in whatever might show up in my future sessions. I am left feeling confident and supported with the knowledge gained from this well put together training. 100% satisfied!! After all, Source is doing all the work.’

How it works

The following will be covered in a safe and positive manner:

  •  Protection – Self-management methods to ensure a healthy, high vibrational human energy field, for yourself and to teach your clients
  •  Different types of lower vibrational energies
  •  Important Principles of Clearing Lower Vibrational Energies
  •  Methods of Safe clearing of lower vibrational energies
  •  Soul Retrieval
  •  How to clear lower vibrational energy from a space
  •  have already found that they are being required to deal with these issues.
  •  have done the Omnes Foundation Course or attended the free Source Attunement webinar
  •  regularly practice Source Attunement Healing

 Source energy is the highest vibrational energy there is and a strong, clear link to Source is essential to do this type of work safely.

 It is not healthy for clearing work to be sought in an egotistical manner. If you find that this specialised work has already found you, however, this course can provide you with information to help you perform energetic clearing effectively and safely.

What is the cost?

The cost includes the day’s course and some ongoing support if required.

£275 per person – for those who have not attended the Omnes Healing workshop, ‘How to Stop Feeling Drained by Other People – by Self-Management of Your Human Energy Field’

£255 per person – for those who have attended the Omnes Healing workshop, ‘How to Stop Feeling Drained by Other People – by Self-Management of Your Human Energy Field’ or who have completed the Omnes Healing Foundation course. Please apply for the £20 discount coupon to

'I feel this workshop was crucial to my further development as a healer. It is totally unique, and I can’t imagine that it could have been delivered with such effect by any other healing organization than Omnes.' R.H.

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