Omnes Workplace Wellbeing Workshops

In September 2017, we reported in Omnes Voice about delivering our workplace wellbeing workshop ‘How to Stop Feeling Drained by Other People’ to 24 members of staff at a local primary school in Leeds, as part of their teacher training.

The Headteacher hoped that the taught techniques to self-manage one’s personal energy field would assist in the wellbeing of the staff and have a knock-on, positive benefit for the whole school.

We created this workshop for delivery to members of the public and it covers: a general awareness of energy; the importance of raising our energetic vibration and how to maintain it; suggested tools and visualisation exercises for personal energy self-management, energetic protection and grounding of the human energy field.

Source Attunement Energy Rebalancing Sessions

At the end of the presentation, we gave a brief demonstration and explanation of what might take place during a Source Attunement Energy Rebalancing session. The workshop was followed up by a 6-week course of energy rebalancing sessions, for 6 staff members, at all levels, on a weekly basis.

Recipient feedback was so good that we were asked to extend the programme for a further 6 weeks for another 6 staff members. This was particularly encouraging as it was the pre-Christmas term – an extremely challenging and stressful time for the school staff.

Project Evaluation

The project was meant to be formally evaluated but, due to the seasonal pressures and time constraints at the school, only 9 out of the 24 participants completed the evaluation forms we sent out:

Wellbeing: Of these nine staff, the general feeling of wellbeing* increased in 6 (all but one of these had also experienced the energy rebalancing sessions).

Effect on Problems: Of the 17 reported concerns or problems (such as feeling stressed, unable to sleep well, etc), 12 problems had improved in severity, 3 were the same and 2 had worsened.

Self-Care: Eight of the nine staff said that they had made increases in their self-care since the workshop and all but two had been doing the visualisations suggested in the workshop (daily, regularly or occasionally).

Despite the poor return rate of the follow-up questionnaires, we are happy that the healing sessions were asked to be extended and that informal feedback was extremely positive, with many members of staff saying that the techniques to manage their energies and the energy rebalancing sessions were pivotal in helping them cope.

Two staff members provided the following testimonials:

At first, when I went to X  for an energy rebalancing session, I was very sceptical. I certainly have noticed positive changes as the sessions have progressed though. I have felt more relaxed and revitalised and this has certainly helped me to deal with a difficult situation in my life.
I am more aware now how to manage my own wellbeing and would recommend everyone to try it. (A.C.)

Thank you for visiting our School to deliver your workshop. Initially I was a little sceptical. However, having listened and relaxed I thoroughly enjoyed the session. I found I could see people’s auras and felt much more positive about the term ahead.
I signed up for the 1:1 sessions as a result, as I felt the need to rebalance my energy. The sessions were hugely helpful in teaching me how to keep my energy levels up and how to protect myself from negative energy. I was able to full relax and enjoy all the wonderful colours that came to me. A strange and uplifting experience. I am now able to continue on my own and take time out just for me. Thank you. (N.K.)

Kathleen Judd and Su Mason

*Wellbeing was measured objectively using the ‘Measure Yourself Concerns and Wellbeing’ (MYCAW) questionnaire.

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