Several years ago, a group of healers had a series of conversations around the need for a different kind of healing organisation – one which emphasises Source Attunement Healing and works in harmony and unity of purpose across the healing community.

They envisaged an inclusive healing organisation which unites and inspires all healers, no matter what kind of healing they do; an organisation that offers its members unique benefits and opportunities for spiritual development. The needs of a media-orientated public would be met by providing energy re-balancing (healing), healer training, information and workshops for wellbeing.

Bringing Our Vision to Life

Finally, three members of the group – Patricia Bateman, Kathleen Judd and Su Mason – decided that it was time to stop talking and start walking their talk. Making their vision a reality was a labour of love and, with determination and a lot of help, both spiritual and human, Omnes Healing was created.

What does Omnes Healing do?

Omnes Healing is a social, not-for-profit, healing organisation, which works in harmony and with unity of purpose across the healing community. It has three main aims.

Service to the wider public – by providing healing of the highest attunement and wellbeing workshops

Spiritual Development for our students and members – by providing comprehensive training programmes for Source Attunement Healing and assisting in on-going spiritual development

Community for our healer members – by sharing knowledge and connection, providing opportunities for working together, with a unifying ethos.

How Do We Achieve Our Aims



We promote Source Attunement Healing and provide this to those in need.

We offer educational workshops to the wider public about how to maintain wellbeing, for example, through the self-management of their energy fields.


Spiritual Development

We offer comprehensive training programmes for Source Attunement Healing, mentoring student healers to the highest standards and supporting them in their development

We provide opportunities for the continual spiritual development of our healer members and associate members, in order to facilitate their potential as healing channels in attunement with Source and through service



We provide members of different healing modalities with an opportunity to work together as part of the organisation, respecting the integrity and discipline of different healing styles, offering connection with like-minded individuals, sharing knowledge and experience and providing opportunities for healing service.

We act as a respected organisation, working within UK Healers and The Confederation of Healing Organisations standards and with an internationally recognised name, which is accepted by the public and health-care professionals.


©2021 Omnes Healing

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