Omnes Healing Pricing Structure

Annual Membership Fees

£35 = For Members (Healers already qualified to UK Healer standards) who wish to have insurance for the act of healing

£25 = For Members if they already hold insurance for the act of healing.

£20 = For Associate Members (Omnes Students and Qualified and Student Healers who are not from a UK Healers organisation)

£10 = For Friends (Those interested in our work but do not wish to be involved in healing directly)

Healer Development Courses

Pricing Options for Foundation Course

£400 =  Standard Price

£350 =  For people who have attended the Omnes Healing workshop ‘How to Stop Feeling Drained by Other People’

£300 = Reiki Masters  (You will need to email a scanned copy or a photograph of your Qualification Certificate to

£300 = Concessions – For people on benefits, pensioners or those generally challenged financially. To discuss your eligibility, please call 07930 115219 or email (You may be asked to provide verification of your economic status, such as proof of current benefits receipt)


Pricing Options for Qualification Course

The same as the Foundation Course, except people who have attended the workshop ‘How to Stop Feeling Drained by other People’ will need to pay standard price (£400) for the Qualification Course. (This is because the content of the workshop is only replicated on Day 1 of the Foundation Course)


Payments can be taken:

            In full

           For each day of the course (i.e. x 4 payments per course)

           Monthly over 12 months 


If you have any questions about payments please phone 07930 115219 (Monday – Friday, 11am to 6pm) to discuss or email

Workshops or Online Presentations

‘How to Stop Feeling Drained by other People’ or ‘Raise Your Energetic Vibrations. To Help Cope when Life Seems Out of Control’

Online Presentations for a Group

      Convenient live online presentations – £30 per person.

  •      For Members and Associate Members – £20 
  •      For a Friend of Omnes Healing£25

Group Workshop

For a large or small group wishing to attend either of these presentations as a face-to-face workshop, please phone 07930 115219 or email for bookings or enquiries.

Online Presentations

‘Source Attunement Healing’

This is an online presentation via online video (Individuals or up to 4 people)

Members Associate Members – £20

Students – Included in Foundation Course  

‘Friends’ or Members of the Public – Not able to attend


‘Sending Distant Healing to a large group of recipients’

        Members and Associate Members – Free

        Students – Included in Foundation Course

        Not applicable for ‘Friends’ or Members of the Public


‘Healing via Telephone and Online Video’

        Free for Members only

        Not Applicable for Associate Members, Students or Friends

Telephone/Skype Healing

£15 per session

Gift Vouchers = £15

Energ-eased CD's

Client CD – Single = £9.50 (£8 + £1.50 PP)

Client CD – Single Download = £6

Therapist CD – Triple = £19.50 (£18 + £1.50 PP)

Therapist CD – Triple Download = £15

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