Distant Healing Community Membership

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Distant Healing Community Membership

This new free membership has been set up to help the healing community to come together to organise massive distant healing sessions to help protect the earth and everyone in it from the impact of the Coronavirus.

For all Healers, Reiki Healers and Students regardless of training or affiliation to other organisations:
  • Join the Omnes Circle of Distant Healing
  • Have access to the ‘Omnes Healing Members Community Group’ on Facebook (a private group for discussion opportunities with other healers and students about healing and spiritual topics)
  • Receive regular Omnes Voice e-magazine
  • If you wish, do our e-seminar, Distant Healing for a Large Number of Recipients FREE OF CHARGE (normal cost is £10) which is available 24/7 on our website.

Your membership will not be automatically be renewed as this is a free 6-month membership to tackle the health and social impact of COVID-19.



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