ENERG-eased CD


A toolbox of healing visualisations and guided meditations

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Many people need advice on how to protect their energies, to prevent other people from draining them. This CD shares strategies to help in daily life by guiding people through visualisations to raise their energetic vibration. We realised that there was a real need for a series of visualisations and meditations to cope with a variety of other concerns too, such as pain relief, sleeplessness, tension in the body and an over-thinking mind as well as protecting their energy. And so the ENERG-eased CD grew out of a passion to empower people on their own healing journey!

Sally Chaffer and Su Mason

Copyright ENERG-eased 2015


The ENERG-eased single CD contains guided visualisations, exercises and guided meditations to:

– Release tension in the body
– Ease pain
– Help you feel safe
– Raise your energetic vibration
– Help you feel grounded and balanced
– Ease you into sleep

If you ever find your energies can be drained by people, places, events and situations then this CD is for you!

CD Tracks

1. Introduction
2. How do visualisations and guided meditations work?
3. Your Energy
4. Inner Body Awareness – To release tension in the body and calm the mind
5. The Tranquil Lake – To calm your mind
6. Your Peaceful Garden – To help you feel safe
7. Lightening your Load – To release old burdens and reconnect with Lightness
8. Standing Tree Meditation – To help you feel balanced and grounded
9. Breathing Peace into your Being – To raise your energetic vibration by introducing peace into your Being
10. Sun Meditation – To raise your energetic vibration
11. Meditation to raise your Energetic Vibration by connecting with the Universal Source – A powerful tool which protects, aids self-healing and raises energetic vibration
12. Bubble of Light – A quick method to protect your energies
13. Rolling away balls of pain – To ease pain (1)
14. Breathing away pain – To ease pain (2)
15. And so to bed … A Calming Meditation – Last on CD so that you can play it to ease yourself into restful sleep