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£35.00 / year


Omnes Healing Member

(includes public liability insurance cover)
  • For a healer already qualified to UK Healers standards
  • Receives inclusive webinar clarifying Source Attunement Healing
  • Can attend inclusive webinar on Energy Field Self-Management
  • Can join the Omnes Distant Healing Circle
  • Can attend inclusive on-line seminar on sending Distant Healing to a large group of recipients
  • Can become a paid Telephone / Skype Healer (upon reading and completion of a short on-line seminar)
  • Receives regular Omnes Voice e-magazine
  • Has access to website Resource Bank
  • Has access to the ‘Omnes Healing Members Community Group’ on Facebook (a private group for discussion opportunities with other healers and students about healing and spiritual topics)
  • Can request Omnes Healing printed business cards for a competitive price
  • Can request template letters to introduce healing in a number of different settings

Your membership will automatically be renewed annually for your convenience

Please confirm the following insurance stipulations before purchasing the Membership. By purchasing Omnes Healing Membership with insurance your cover will be conditional on the conditions below being satisfied. If you cannot satisfy the conditions below, please email admin@omneshealing so that we can refer to the insurers for their further consideration.

The insurance policy covers: Healing, Meditation, Listening and Feedback Techniques all in connection with a Healing session. Teaching and Supervision is included and running a Training Establishment. Reiki is also included but this must not exceed 15% of total work performed in comparison to your work in Healing, if you do exceed 15%, a separate policy will be required and you must contact Balens.

If you require cover for other therapies, Balens offers Insurance at a reduced rate under an Affinity Insurance Scheme. Please contact Balens for an Omnes Multi-therapy Policy form, which you will need to complete and return direct to Balens with the appropriate payment.


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