Member (No insurance)

£25.00 / year


Omnes Healing Member

(without insurance provided by Omnes Healing)
  • For a healer already qualified to UK Healer standards
  • Receives inclusive webinar clarifying Source Attunement Healing
  • Can attend inclusive webinar on Energy Field Self-Management
  • Can join the Omnes Distant Healing Circle
  • Can attend inclusive on-line seminar on sending Distant Healing to a large group of recipients
  • Can become a paid Telephone / Skype Healer (upon reading and completion of a short on-line seminar)
  • Receives regular Omnes Voice e-magazine
  • Has access to website Resource Bank
  • Has access to the ‘Omnes Healing Members Community Group’ on Facebook (a private group for discussion opportunities with other healers and students about healing and spiritual topics)
  • Can request Omnes Healing printed business cards for a competitive price
  • Can request template letters to introduce healing in a number of different settings

Your membership will automatically be renewed annually for your convenience



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