Renaissance Not Retirement! Revealing the Healer Within – Part 3


Training as a healer with Omnes made everything make sense. Why didn’t I know about the human energy field before?  I was aware of the need to nourish and exercise my body and mind, but totally unaware of the other vital (and most neglected) part of me – my energy system, MY LIFE FORCE.

But looking back, I did know about energy, I have actually worked with it all my life.  One of my teaching subjects was Anatomy and Physiology, so I was generally knowledgeable about the human body and its working systems.  Also, as a teacher walking into a classroom, there is instant communication of the mood or vibrational level of the children – before you see them you know whether they are half asleep, or ready to have a go at you individually or as a group. So, I was dealing with energetic communication all the time, I just hadn’t realised that’s what was happening. 

I knew that I had found what I was searching for even though I didn’t know what that was when I was searching. Very perplexing and beyond the understanding of my mind – but oh so indubitably right. I was so unaware at the beginning of my journey, but with Omnes’ reassurance, understanding and importantly, the strong mentor support, I moved on with amazing gratefulness to have the opportunity simply to be a direct link to Source and allow healing to take place.

The value of Daily Source Connection

ATTUNEMENT is all, and I need to do that WELL, getting my ego out of the way. Gone was my worry of the routine, the self-important feeling of being in charge. Very humbling. I now give the same time and enjoyment to ATTUNEMENT as I do to eating and exercising, so every day I attune to The Source of All that Is, to raise and maintain my vibrations; to access universal energy and to feel unconditional love; connection to my higher self and the wonderful feeling of energy coursing through me, a discipline that has become second nature.  Other people no longer drain me because my high vibrational energy protects me.

My close friends comment on how I have changed, but I am part of the universe and so I am universal and, whilst I am on this earthly journey, I can allow others to go on their way without feeling under attack personally or emotionally by their words or actions. I now feel strong enough to send healing and unconditional love on a daily basis to my family and friends and can see the difference to their lives. I have come so far, but know that I am nowhere near the high professional level of the experienced healers at the Leeds Healing Centre (yet). 

I am eternally grateful for all that I am and all that I have. I am now sure that I am having a renaissance and not retirement! My pathway is very clearly marked out. I don’t believe there is such a thing as coincidence any more. How I now make choices and deal with life is amazing and after seven years when the consultants ask me how I am, I reply “I’m brilliant, and how about you?”

Sue Guest

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