Retirement or Renaissance? Revealing the Healer Within: Part 2


Healer Training: Phase 1

Initially I trained with the Healing Trust. On Day One I found myself in a room of (much younger) people confidently sharing their natural ability to heal and experiences of delivering healing. I had nothing to say – very unusual for me – thinking ‘I know absolutely nothing’.

Amongst other things, the Healer training course taught me a clear routine, using the chakras and parts of the body as markers for me as a student and I was grateful that first time to be talked through the process. It also taught me two other vital things;

1. My new role would be as a channeller of energy.
2. The energy will go where it is needed; it’s not up to me to try to direct it.

Further Revelations

Having completed courses 1 & 2, I now needed the experience of a professional Healing environment. Fortunately, I had the opportunity of a student placement at Leeds Healing Centre. I attended the centre, this time as a student, and had my eyes opened by sitting quietly observing the real thing. I became aware of the stillness and oneness of the professionals; I felt the amazing strength of energy in the room, particularly during a group healing session. I watched incredibly successful channellers and I knew at last that was what I was aspiring to be.

As I practised on healers or other students (a big part of the training) I had problems with the routine. My mind was constantly on whether I was in the right place, worrying about doing the right thing at the right time, my hands felt to be shaking and as for the physical movements, getting on my knees was difficult but getting back up was always going to be a problem for me. I felt like a fraud. Whatever was I doing here?

Thank heaven the training included support from a mentor, who suggested that my analytical, scientific approach and ‘trying too hard’ could result in me ‘being in the way’ of the channelled energy. My ever big ego wanted to run the show and I wasn’t getting it right, but I finally grasped the basics. Simply channelling energy through Attunement was the name of the game. I wasn’t the prime mover at all; no wonder I’d felt a fraud.

Once I understood about ATTUNEMENT everything suddenly fell into place and made sense. Omnes Healing offered me the opportunity to reach for that ‘something elusive’ which now was attainable, so I was inspired to take the Omnes Healing Foundation Course which offered me what I had been searching for. I learnt to ATTUNE strongly to the Source of All That Is, simply to be a direct link to Source and allow healing to take place without using a technique unless I wish to. And no need to get on my knees – Alleluia!

On to the next level of my Renaissance…….and I really wasn’t ready for what was revealed to me next!

Sue Guest

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