In recent days there has been much talk of how Queen Elizabeth II dedicated her life to service. As we become healers, many of us start to feel that this is something we would like to do – to serve others through healing, acts of kindness, etc.

Why is this? What changes for us spiritually so that service to others is something we now want to do in our lives? (though it must be said that for some, this has always been the case).

A long time ago, I remember having a conversation with somebody who explained to me how desperate they were to help others. ‘I have SO MUCH love to give’, it was exclaimed. I suggested that this person might like to train to be a healer. They did and found a fulfilling outlet for that love in years of healing service.

David Gerken, former writer for The West Wing and now a mediation and mindfulness teacher, describes how Ram Dass spoke of a conversation he had with his guru, known as Maharajii to his devotees. It was very simple:

Ram Dass: How do I get enlightened?

Maharajii: Feed people.

Ram Dass: How do I know God?

Maharajii: Serve people.

Gerken suggests that instead of using the two words ‘feed’ and ‘serve,’ Maharajii could have used one: Love.

So, in carrying out loving service for others we gain the amazing benefits of progressing towards enlightenment and knowing God / Source. Wow! It’s no wonder that along our journey of spiritual development, service becomes something we WANT to do rather than feel we SHOULD do.

A word of caution, however. It is important that we include ourselves in that love and look after ourselves. If we do not, we are in danger of burning out and not being in a position to do any service at all. As the saying goes, ‘You can’t pour from an empty cup’.

Su Mason PhD

[Omnes Healing, through our loving volunteers, provides free healing service through our distant healing list and our Online Healing Centre]

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