Seven Practices of Modern Spirituality

At one of the Omnes Healing’s recent Let’s Talk… discussion groups, we had a very interesting debate about the nature of modern spirituality.

We came to the conclusion that modern spirituality relies less on formal religion than was usual historically (although it may also encompass this). It seems to involve the intention to be loving, kind and peaceful in whatever circumstances we find ourselves in life.

One participant received the following channelled message from Source when she asked the question, what is modern spirituality? The answer given was:

Anything you want it to be.

There is no strict definition, but it should fall within certain parameters:






How to Apply Modern Spirituality in Our Life?

It is all very well having the intention of applying these values to our lives, but it is not so easy to practically do so. Thinking about what helps me to practically apply spirituality in my life, I realise that I try to follow these seven practices:

A Daily Practice – Every morning, as soon as possible, I do a visualisation which connects me to Source and raises my energetic vibration and then I do distant healing for those on the Omnes Circle of Distant Healing list. This starts my day in a highly vibrational spiritual manner.

Communing with Source – Regularly listening to and receiving this readily available guidance, via my Higher Self, allows the wisdom of Source directly into my life (without the need of intercession by another). I really notice things not going smoothly if I fail to pay attention to this guidance and conversely, when I do there is an ease and facilitation.

Spending time in nature – The high vibrational beingness of nature allows a connectedness with All That Is. I try to combine this with

Silence – As silence, and freeing ourselves from the cacophony of life, allows our mind to have the space to commune with the wisdom of Source.

Helping Others – When we do this, we put into practice kindness (love in action) and we receive as much as we give.

Gratitude and Appreciation – Thinking about the positives in our life really helps to raise our vibrations, making us more likely to apply the values of Love, Acceptance, Tolerance, Understanding and Kindness.

Allocating Time to do the above – I have found that this is one of the most important spiritual practices. It is so easy for the busyness of physical life to take over and push out our spiritual self. Honouring our spiritual aspect and giving this the gift of time allows our spirituality to flourish.

Su Mason PhD

Image from Pixabay by congerdesign 

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