Spiritual Healer Training or Development?

There is a debate in healing circles about whether we should refer to the teaching of healing as ‘training’ or as ‘development’.

‘Training’ is the teaching of a particular skill. At Omnes Healing we prefer to use the term ‘development’ as we believe that all people have the innate potential to channel healing energies (energy balancing). For those who wish to do so, the aim of our spiritual healing courses is to develop the potential of the person as a channel of healing energy.

To this end, the Omnes Healing two-level Healer Development Courses are specifically, incrementally planned to allow optimum development and provide experiential learning and specialist, spiritual tools and knowledge to enable students to qualify as effective and spiritually developed healers. They incorporate:

  • Working on the self to raise energetic vibrations to improve the student’s effectiveness as a healer. This is an extremely important aspect of the courses and is emphasized throughout
  • The teaching of Source Attunement Healing. We feel that to attune to the Highest Vibrational Energy allows for the most effective healing
  • Reflective practice. To encourage spiritual development through journaling at home on specific issues; discussions both in the classroom and via the Student Forum on our website, the student Facebook and email groups, and with an experienced Healer Mentor
  • Emphasis on experiential learning. Channelling healing is a practical skill informed by theory
  • Maximising face-to-face experiential time. Most theoretical topics are covered by self-study notes

Year 1 – The Healer Foundation Course

Provides training to a standard of being competent to channel healing to friends and family

Year 2 – The Healer Qualification Course

Enhances the Foundation Course to the standard required to become a qualified Omnes Healing Member, to UK Healers standards.

To find out more you might like to visit the ‘Spiritual Healing Courses’ page

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