First Omnes Spiritual Healing Course

A vibrant and diverse group of students gathered in Tobago on the 10th June 2016 for the first ever Omnes Healing Foundation Course.

The group had a wealth of experience to share which enriched the learning of all on the course.

The day started with introductions and proceeded with a very stimulating discussion in which we explored the topic ‘Who am I?’ and investigated our true nature.

We then held a detailed discussion about spiritual healing and interesting discourse continued over lunch outside on the veranda.

The air conditioning was put to good use in the hot afternoon as the students experienced a group Source Attunement Healing, as not all had experienced a healing session or one of Source Attunement. This was very well received with some students saying that they had profound experiences.

We then examined the importance of self-care as many compassionate people tend to spend their time looking after others and neglect themselves. Lack of self-care can lead to health problems and it was emphasised that this is vital for healers.

We proceeded to examine, and importantly experience, different techniques for looking after our energetic selves to optimise our health and allow us to be the best healers that we can be.

The Omnes Healing Healer Development Courses are very experiential as we feel that this is important for such a practical discipline.

Finally, we discussed the homework required which includes review of the notes of Day One of the Foundation Course and the more theoretical topic of the History of Healing.

In particular, students were strongly encouraged to complete self-reflective Spiritual Development Journals on the topic of their practice of self-care, to assist in their spiritual development.

It was a full day where students expressed their appreciation for all that they had learned and feedback was extremely good.

We now look forward to the first UK course in Leeds on 18th June 2016.

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