The Benefits and Challenges of Being an Empath – Part 2

Benefits and Solutions 

For me, gaining enough strength and stability to be able to cope with life better was a gradual process. The first step was realising that I am an empath, then the universe seemed to deliver what I needed to move forward. My ‘aha’ moment was accepting that we are energetic beings living in an energetic world and that empaths feel this energy more than others – Simple!  I also realised that our connectedness to Everything That Is can be very useful.

There are  quite a few perks and benefits associated with being an empath, for example, the ability to accurately read the emotional state of others, which allows appropriate support to be offered in any situation; a natural sense of compassion; intuitively knowing the difference between truth and lies; being naturally creative, to name  just a few. Also, most empaths have the gift of enhanced intuition which gives them opportunities to act in ways that wouldn’t otherwise be on their agenda.

Many empaths are instinctively drawn to caring roles and professions, which can be draining for them if they haven’t learned to manage their sensitivities. I now realise that long before I was equipped to deal with the challenges of being an empath, some of my own previous choices of employment were particularly detrimental to my health and wellbeing.

What I found most helpful in becoming stronger and more present is that during the latter part of my journey of development as a healer, I learned powerful tools and techniques for creating a strong, high vibration and energetic protection. As a result of making these techniques part of my daily spiritual practice, I’m able to remain unaffected by the energies of others and immerse myself in all types general life situations and the demands of my work, such as:   

  • listening to someone’s problems and not feeling totally drained afterwards
  • accepting that what I readily sense from others or the environment is often simply for my information – I’m not required to respond or have an opinion
  • revealing my compassionate, caring nature and not being taken advantage of

Suggested Coping Stategies

There are simple but effective ways of dealing with constant energetic input that empaths sense from the world around them. The main thing is acceptance that their wellbeing is their responsibility and they need to take care of themselves a little differently than usual.

Making sure that they take steps that allow them to flourish and bloom instead of hiding away because life is so difficult is the key to survival for Empaths and HSPs. Offering a simple explanation of the challenges they face often creates understanding and respect from those closest to them and strengthens relationships. However, it also means making essential changes that others may not initially feel comfortable with, such as being self-aware and acknowledging their own needs, (including having the courage to say ‘NO’ more often), setting personal boundaries and not allowing others to overstep them and, more importantly, learning how to strengthen and raise their vibration and self-manage their energy field. Then they can embrace their sensitivities and enjoy a more positive life.  

That said, I still much prefer the peace and solitude of time alone in nature or in my own private space, rather than being amongst crowds of people and loud noise. I now enjoy the ‘benefits’ of being an empath and I’m confident in being my true self.  I canbe ME with impunity!  So, to any other empaths or HSPs out there who feel they are suffering in some of the ways I once did, know that there are simple solutions and you are not alone!

Kathleen Judd 

If you would like help with self-management of your energy field, you might be interested in the Omnes Healing online workshop entitled, ‘How to Stop Feeling Drained by Other People’.         

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