The Consciousness of Animals Part 2

Do animals have the same consciousness as humans?

This blog highlights animals’ total connection to All That Is that Is.


Seth, channelled by Jane Roberts, in the book, The Magical Approach, talks further about the consciousness of animals:

Seth: ‘You do not need a human intellect to be aware of your own consciousness. Animals, it is true, do not reflect upon the nature of their own identities as man does (pause), but this is because that nature is intuitively comprehended. It is self-evident.’

This difference between human and animal consciousness is highlighted by the experience of one of our members Sylvia Arnold, who is also an animal communicator. She received the following from Fudge, her friend Liz’s horse, when speaking to him the week before he passed. Sylvia recounts:

I didn’t tell him this was going to happen, but he clearly knew. He had been suffering for some time with chronic lameness which was affecting his quality of life. 

Liz was upset that she was going to have him put to sleep and it was so hard for her knowing the date – a week after this communication. The following came as words of utter comfort to my friend and I know that is what Fudge fully intended.

Fudge said “I know beyond doubt that whatever she decides and does for me, it is for my best outcome. I am fine with that!” 

He then went on: “Time doesn’t pass the same as for you. Humans see ‘a day’ or ‘a week’ or ‘a month’ but to us, (horses and other animals) each moment is a lifetime. Every moment is full and there is no expectation of ‘time’. We know when we expect routine (such as food, exercise etc) but not because of time as such, that is just latent knowing“. 

What a beautiful soul he was and always will be. I’ll miss him, as obviously will Liz.  Animals have such wisdom and acceptance. We can learn so much from them.

Sylvia Arnold

Image by Szilárd Szabó / Pixabay

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