The Impact of Healing in a Radical Recovery

Severe Illness

Last August, John, my friend’s husband, was admitted to hospital with a suspected kidney infection. Very quickly he developed sepsis, went into shock from the infection and had no pulse.

The doctors and nurses worked tirelessly from the moment he arrived to administer drugs  to hopefully balance his condition and increase his blood pressure, in order to get a pulse and save his organs. The fear that gangrene would develop was very real.

Two days later the family were asked to go to the hospital – he had gangrene. They were told that if he did survive, he wasn’t out of danger; there was a 95% chance he may need to lose his limbs in order to save him.

John, by this point, was now under heavy sedation and on a ventilator. His toes had turned black and the doctors felt that there was an urgent need to amputate his feet in order to save him.

Healing Intervention

Carole, John’s wife, is a Reiki Healer. She has a network of friends and family who are also Reiki and Spiritual healers and she has a strong belief in the power and effectiveness of healing from a Divine Source.

Carole asked the medical staff to please delay amputation for a few days before a final decision was made. She was informed that the need to amputate would eventually have to be a medical decision.

 Carole was allowed to sit with John (despite COVID 19 restrictions). She gave Reiki, especially for his toes and feet, which were now black and ice cold.  She also contacted her friends and asked them to please send as much healing as they could as timing was crucial.

Very slowly Carole felt warmth in John’s feet, then noticed pink flesh. She called the doctor to please, please look. At first the doctor gave Carole the impression that he thought she was experiencing, quite naturally, an imagined improvement. Carole quietly asked him to please look again at John’s feet. When they did, the doctors were astonished to see that his feet were becoming slightly pink and warm. A turning point was happening, to the complete surprise of the medical staff.

We all still send healing.  John is on distant healing lists and a group of Buddhist monks pray for him too.

The Ongoing Outcome

Carole doesn’t wish to undermine the wonderful care given to John by the doctors and nurses, but something happened that day which the medical staff could not explain. An Intensive Care Unit nurse told Carole that she had never witnessed the recovery of gangrenous feet before.

John is still on the long road to recuperation in hospital. After being sedated and on a ventilator for months, there are still many obstacles to overcome with regards to his speech and his mobility – but he still has all his limbs and is now learning to walk again.

The power of Reiki and different forms of healing cannot be underestimated.

by Sheila Young Jolley

Note: Names have been changed to preserve anonymity and permission has been received for this article to be published.

Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

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