The Most Essential Qualification for a Healing Student

‘I would like to be an investigator of the paranormal’ was the rather surprising answer I received from an 8-year old little girl when I asked her what she would like to do when she grew up.

That sounds like a really interesting job’, I replied, whilst trying (successfully, for once) not to smile. I wanted her to feel confident that I was not at all dismissive of her aspirations.

‘Yes‘, said Candice seriously, ‘it is’.

This started me thinking about how often healing students say that they question their ability to become a healer because they… ‘cannot see auras’, ‘have never seen or sensed spirit’, ‘have never received channelled messages’ etc., especially if fellow students on their course are recounting tales of their own psychic talents and experiences.

Goodness me! If these were the criteria necessary for becoming a healer, I for one, would never have been able to start my healer development course. I come from a very conventional family, where nothing paranormal was ever really considered or discussed.

However, in the new physics, paranormal ideas are being explored as mainstream.

Physicist David Bohm and the neurophysiologist Karl Pribram independently pioneered the idea that despite its apparent materiality, the universe is actually a 3-dimensional, holographic image projecting from a level of reality beyond time and space. Bohm was a protégé of Einstein’s and a respected quantum physicist. Both Bohm and Pribram independently arrived at their conclusions in order to make sense not only of all the phenomena encountered in quantum physics and other neurophysiological quandaries, but also paranormal and mystic experiences.

Candice recognises that there are elements we encounter in life which are interesting and beyond the normal. However, to become a healing student, people do not need to have experienced them to start on their healing journey.

My view is all that is needed for a person to be a healer is for them to be kind, to wish to help other people, animals and our planet / Universe. The most essential qualification for a healing student is kindness.

‘Paranormal’ or ‘Psychic’ abilities may or may not develop later in their journey (in fact, many are initially fearful of such things), but if a student is kind (displaying love in action) then they will make a great healer.

Su Mason PhD

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