The Tree Looked Down

The tree looked down at the young child beneath her boughs.

Its sobs were loud and expelled in chest-heaving starts.

‘I mi’ mi’ miss my eye Mummy ee!’ she thought she heard.

Whatever, the child was saying, it was very sad. The tree could feel its energies which sucked at her own. This crying continued for a while.

Mmmm. What to do? As a tree she had a certain amount of choice: She could just continue to be. That is what trees do best, being and breathing … Their beingness providing a peacefulness and a reminder of a life before, and their respiration feeding the atmosphere, allowing others to live… or she could take action.

She again looked down at the sobbing and so sad child. She felt the desperation of its energy field. She decided that her action was needed.

So she allowed her high vibrational energy to flow outwards, gently touching the child.

The child’s crying slowed, and gradually its chest started to calm.  It suddenly looked upwards in a quizzical way at the tree and took a step forward to touch her gnarled trunk and it stood there for a while, hand on her hard surface (the tree did not know for how long; it did not matter, the time of men).

Then the child put its arms around the trunk and rested its head on her physical surface.

‘Thank you’ she felt the child say. ‘Thank you’.

The child was calm now. Not happy, but its energy was more in balance.

The voice of an adult human called from the house and the child lifted its head and stepped away from the trunk.

A little smile was on its face. ‘Thank you, my friend. I’ll be back’.

And so it did, regularly, until it became fully grown and the cares of humans took it away.

Su Mason

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