The World Needs YOU!

The news is currently full of despair – human misery from wars, economic hardship and climatic disasters. When bombarded by such negativity it can be hard for us to remain positive and we can feel hopeless. As energetic beings in this energetic world, we are bound to feel this misery and it will bring us down too.

Wrong. This is not inevitable.

We can step up and help, whether Healer Practitioners or not. We need to help redress the negativity and rebalance the energies of our world by raising its energetic vibration. This will help to improve matters for all.

We start by looking after our own energetic vibration and managing our own well-being with minimal, simple changes to our daily routine.

Our Interconnectedness

In 1960, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi predicted that one percent of a population practicing Transcendental Meditation would produce measurable improvements in the quality of life for the whole population. There have been a number of studies which confirm that large groups practicing Transcendental Meditation were associated with significant reductions in murder rates in US urban areas.

“The basis for the hypothesized effect on society is that consciousness in its pure form, pure consciousness, has a field-like character and is a universal field at the basis of everyone’s thought and behavior.

When the participants in a group equal to or exceeding the square root of one percent of the entire population are experiencing pure consciousness during group practice of the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi program, the field of pure consciousness is enlivened in the entire population.

This will positively influence all others in society, leading to development in the same holistic direction as experienced by individuals practicing the Transcendental Meditation technique.” Dr. Kenneth Cavanaugh.

I believe that this principle can be applied to all kinds of activities which raise our energetic vibration, but especially techniques such as visualisations, affirmations as well as other meditation techniques. If we raise the frequency of our energetic vibrations, our consciousness, interconnected to the consciousness of all others, will influence others positively.

A short Daily Practice
I try to practice this. Each day, I do visualisations to raise the frequency of my energetic vibration and then whilst attuned to Source, I intend the following:

‘Thank you for healing energy for the world, the multiverse and all living beings within. Thank you that every day we are all more filled with the Unconditional Love of Source and are more in alignment with the energy of the Love of Source’.

Then I imagine the multiverse, and particularly our world, being filled with the Unconditional Loving Light of Source whilst I intend that this influences the world positively.

This is a simple but powerful intention.
Let’s unite and be a force for loving change!

Su Mason PhD

Follow-up study suggests group meditation reduced murder rates in large US cities. EurekaAlert! 30th March 2017.

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