Transformational Times

“We are at the cusp of a hugely transformational time”. The angels gave me this message a year and a half ago. Even though at first, I didn’t understand what they meant, I shared it with friends and even some clients. They all had different opinions about its meaning (however I remained unsure) but each time I talked about it, I felt the same intense feeling of excitement. 

And here we are, in the midst of what I believe to be that transformational time. Admittedly, it is more than just difficult for many of us and I have great compassion for those who are concerned, worried, panicked and fearful of sickness, suffering and death as well as those who lack even the basic necessities. The uncertainty we live in now of what will happen next, is triggering our egos on a mass scale. Even those who were happily bibbing along or distracting themselves with everyday life are now being forced to look within and finally deal with old pains and unresolved emotional issues. 

We have so many names for this experience; dark night of the soul, tower moment, and ego death are just a few. All it does is help us to recognize that we came to experience life in duality and this contrast has been now magnified for us in order to choose love or fear. As challenging as this contrast and its presentation, in what we call reality may be, it gives us a wonderful opportunity to discern, in every moment, what no longer serves us and what does. As much as negativity shows itself here, on the other hand, so does positivity.

If we find ourselves in isolation and maybe even deprivation, let us take a closer look around ourselves and even more so within us and with that same magnifying glass discover the beauty and the gifts that we are being presented with. The change of perspective that we each make with our free will, enables us to close our eyes and simply decide to visualize something positive. For example, while taking a shower we can imagine that we are dancing in the rain or taking a minute to admire a dewdrop in the sun glittering like a diamond. Become like a child and make use of the myriad of thoughts you can project into making your space, without and within, the castle of your dreams! 

Personally, by doing this I find myself in a state of childlike wonder and inexplicable euphoria, which now leads me to believe that our decade long prayers, meditation and desires have finally come to fruition. I therefore attempt to accept our collective moments, one by one, by forgiving ourselves for this creation and milking the times of gratitude and appreciation for as long as I can. At first glance it may be unclear what I am so appreciative of and you are quite right to have this thought. 

I have a knowing though… not just a belief or a tentative glimpse, but a deep knowing, that the human race is heading towards a whole new world. This new reality is our birthright, one of love, joy, care, peace and abundance. Our new Co-Liberation fulfills our yearning to live heaven on earth in the here and now.

Angela Thompson

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