Vibrations of Life – A Handbook for Energetic Wellbeing

The COVID 19 pandemic has detrimentally affected people’s mental health,1and particularly young adults. In 2006, the UK  Mental Health Foundation2 reported3 that researchers across a range of disciplines have acknowledged the positive contribution spirituality can make to mental health.

The book by Su Mason PhD and Kathleen Judd, Vibrations of Life – A Handbook for Energetic Wellbeing4 is a very accessible, down-to-earth, spiritual resource for all who are seeking answers to questions like: What’s it all about? What’s the point? Do I have a purpose and what is it? How can I make my life better?

Vibrations of Life explains that we are energetic beings in an energetic world and how to deal with the consequences of this as we live our lives. The tools and techniques offered are tried and tested and WORK. Practiced regularly, they help to raise and maintain the frequency of our energetic vibration – the key to creating wellbeing and a strong and balanced life force which can positively influence others, situations and the energy of our surroundings.

The principles and information contained in Vibrations of Life can provide understanding of life’s challenges and change attitudes, allowing contentment despite any problems people may face.

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