Vibrations of Life

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About the Authors

The co-authors of this book are both directors of Omnes Healing. They wrote ‘Vibrations of Life – A Handbook for Energetic Wellbeing’ with the intention of helping the reader to navigate their own life journey in a positive, highly vibrational way, by offering a wealth of useful, practical guidance, plus tools and techniques for doing so.

Su and Kathleens’ combined knowledge has been gathered over more than seventy years of healing experience, teaching, channeling wisdom and guidance from Source and spiritual/personal development which they have accumulated between them.
They have personal experience of how the concepts contained within the book are very helpful when coping with their own life challenges. As part of their spiritual work they frequently share their understandings with their clients and students, from whom they regularly receive feedback on how lives have been changed for the better as these tools and techniques have been put into practice.

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