‘This lovely book deserves to be read by everyone! It is informative, inspirational and beautifully written. It is an invaluable guide to understanding our energies, giving insight into the fact that we can actually influence our level of wellbeing. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and putting the suggestions into practice has become a daily habit for me now! Buy it – you’ll be glad you did!’ (Tink)

‘This book is brilliant for anyone wanting to learn more about their vibrations and how to keep them raised! It comes with loads of great practical advice, tips and exercises that can be used every day. Unlike other spiritual books I’ve read, it is light and conversational. I particularly enjoyed the short chapters which made it easy to read and digest. I would definitely recommend this book!’ (A. Kelly)

This concise book is a great introduction for people and groups who are reaching out for a straightforward introduction to answering some of our fundamental questions about who we are and what our purpose in life is. The book is a timely navigational toolkit and succinct prompt for more seasoned students and practitioners to re-focus on the essentials. I highly recommend the CD that is co-written by one of the authors Dr Su Mason, ‘ENERG-eased’ (www.omneshealing.com), which includes some of the meditations contained in the book and more. My mother particularly liked tracks 11 and 15! (W.J.)


Why are we here? How should we behave? What is the meaning of life? Highly recommended guide to being a better person and live a happy life. (nt83)

The co-authors of this book are both directors of Omnes Healing. They wrote ‘Vibrations of Life – A Handbook for Energetic Wellbeing’ with the intention of helping the reader to navigate their own life journey in a positive, highly vibrational way, by offering a wealth of useful, practical guidance, plus tools and techniques for doing so.

Su and Kathleens’ combined knowledge has been gathered over more than seventy years of healing experience, teaching, channeling wisdom and guidance from Source and spiritual/personal development which they have accumulated between them.

They have personal experience of how the concepts contained within the book are very helpful when coping with their own life challenges. As part of their spiritual work they frequently share their understandings with their clients and students, from whom they regularly receive feedback on how lives have been changed for the better as these tools and techniques have been put into practice.


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