What I am learning from COVID-19

One of our members kindly sent me a DailyGood article called ‘Courage & Vulnerability: Corona & the Wisdom of Elders’ by Parker Palmer (6th April 2020).

Whilst I do not pretend to be as wise as Mr Palmer, this article stimulated me into thinking about what I am learning at this unprecedented time.


I am learning about bravery (second-hand) when I hear from our neighbour, who is a nurse, about the paucity of protective equipment at the hospital where he works – yet each day he goes into hospital, taking care not to contaminate his new wife when he returns. He is amongst so many healthcare and social workers who are literally risking their lives and those of their families to care for others.


I am learning to appreciate, so much more, all those who are working to service the nation and keep up our standard of life. Those who: empty our bins; serve us in shops and stack the shelves; care for the infirm and vulnerable; ensure the movement of money to pay people’s pensions, benefits and shopping; pack our online purchases; truck these around and deliver them to our doors; ensure that community drains are not blocked, that we have water, gas and electricity, that people are reverently buried/ cremated; work to try to help the survival of companies; central and local government and civil servants who try to ensure that the country runs as smoothly as possible and so very many more. I know that I used to take these jobs for granted but I am rapidly appreciating that these workers are the key to a stable and safe society.


I am learning about how our sense of community is not dead – Neighbours offering help to each other and the joy created as they sing ‘Happy Birthday’ to someone on their street.

I am hopeful of a gentler society after all this is done; people realising that they need less material goods and who are more thoughtful of their impact on our community and environment.

A ‘Can Do’ Attitude

I am learning how, with great teamwork, organisation and a ‘can do’ attitude, much can be achieved – such as the recent Nightingale hospitals being built in a matter of days.

How often in the past have projects not got off the ground because of pessimistic attitudes? ‘Can do’ ways of thinking can create such a powerful energy that much more than people thought was possible can be brought about.

The Positives of Social Media

Social media, which was often railed against as an intrusion, is now often a lifeline for those who are isolated. I know that I have really loved being able to talk on WhatsApp video and see my nearly 90-year-old father who lives far away from me.

Distant Healing

I am learning to trust more that all is ‘as it is meant to be’. Apart from isolating ourselves to help others, we can feel rather ineffectual in the face of this huge threat. This is where I am really loving the fact that as healers, we can quietly send distant healing to the world. (Our distant healing topic of the month and probably for the next few months is for ‘Light, Love and Healing to all people and animals of the world‘). Through our connection to Source we can help to bring about a higher, healing vibration for all.

Slowing Down

Lastly, I am learning to appreciate the value of a slower pace of life. Trying to tick off a long to-do list and achieve something each day has been my way of life thus far. Learning to BE rather than DO has been a life learning for me and I am enjoying sitting quietly and letting my inner voice get louder. FINALLY, thanks to Covid-19, I might be getting the hang of a slower pace of life!

Have you had any learnings from Covid-19 or had any positive realisations amid this challenging situation?

Su Mason

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

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