Spiritual Terminology

Written by Patricia Bateman and Kathleen Judd

The following glossary of terms, arranged in alphabetical order, is intended to offer an explanation of the healing and spiritual terminology used throughout our website and also in other spiritual literature.


A statement which we make when we wish to assert positively our views, feelings and beliefs about something. We pronounce our wishes or opinions often to reinforce our desire to bring about a positive change in our situation. We use affirmations when we co-create. (See below). For an affirmation to be effective, it needs to be declared or written down in the present tense, be positive and specific and relate to the speaker.

There exists evidence which supports the idea of the truth of the power of positive affirmations based on the law of energy attraction. (See the Law of Attraction below.)

Derived from the Sanskrit word for ‘sky’ or ‘space’. The Records are said to contain the history of each soul’s journey over time. They are said to contain the memories of every thought, word and deed produced by the individual soul. This Library of Records is not on the physical plane but exists at the etheric (non- physical, energetic) level or plane of existence.

The use of remedies offered by mainstream medicine; these remedies are designed to produce effects which will counter those produced by the original disease. This is often compared to homeopathic remedies which will replicate the symptoms of a disease in minute doses in order to eliminate it.

A way of treating a disease or medical condition (physical, mental or behavioural) which is offered to a client as an alternative to standard medical treatment. There are many varieties of such therapies. Omnes Healing advocates that healing is complementary and not alternative to standard medical treatment.

This is primarily the energy field which surrounds and interpenetrates the physical body. It is often seen as an energetic glow surrounding a being or entity and the colours and state of the aura is said to indicate health or disease (See Dis-ease). This glow can be visible to the human eye or by Kirlian photography.

The achievement of equilibrium or harmonisation in the energetic forces which influence the human body. There are said to be seven interweaving bodies or fields of energetic existence which create the visible human body. When these fields are working in harmony, they will demonstrate a healthy physical body in equilibrium. If any of these fields are blocked or not resonating correctly, the human body will show signs of dis-ease or imbalance or ill-health. One way the re-balancing of these energy fields may be achieved is through the input of energy which has been channelled via a healer using Source energy.

‘Chakra’ is a Sanskrit word which means ‘Wheel’. These chakras have been variously described as ‘energy centres’ or ‘revolving energy spirals’ which control the flow of energy from the Universe through our body. There are said to be seven major chakras, each with a different colour and function. These energy spirals start at the base of the spine (Root chakra) and move upwards to the spiral at the crown of the head (Crown chakra). Their positions along the spinal cord correspond with the major nerve ganglia in our physical body. They are said to influence our major organs.

When these chakras are flowing freely, the body energy is in balance and good health results. When they are blocked or low in energetic flow – often because of physical, emotional or mental trauma – then ill health results. Knowledge of the chakra system and how to balance the chakras forms a core part of Indian Ayurvedic Medicine. (See also ‘Energy Balancing’ above.)

Channelling is the process whereby an individual, when aligned with a higher level of energy (consciousness), is enabled to direct the flow of this energy through their body for a specific purpose. The intention of the channeller to connect with the highest vibrational consciousness is important.

The channeller remains in a passive, receptive state, setting their conscious self aside. The channelled energy may be used in some types of healing.

It can also be delivered in spoken or written form.

In some, but not all kinds of channelling, the channeller agrees to be in a state of Trance.

In this form of channelling the channeller receives a stream of energy which can be translated into information from spiritual beings (often called ‘spirit entities’ ‘spirit beings’ or’ spirit guides’) and passes it on in the form of spoken messages. The aim of these beings of energy is to inform, educate and guide us through the medium of the channeller. The energy received can be experienced as a flow of words, images or ‘knowings’ and is filtered through the channeller’s mind, enabling them to interpret it in their own language and present it as the spoken word.

Often the experience is akin to having a conversation with a wise and loving personality. The entities usually appear to have lived many lifetimes, be wise, intelligent and possessing a robust sense of humour. This channeling can be uplifting, inspirational, or simply informative.

All channelled material is subject to acceptance or rejection according to how right, helpful and fitting the advice given is found to be.

In the case of Trance channelling, the channeller uses their own voice; sometimes their speech patterns change as the entity influences them

Sometimes called Automatic Writing, this occurs in the same way as spoken channeling when the channeller, consciously or non-consciously, receives a stream of energy which can be translated into information and is experienced as a flow of words. In this case the energy received is presented as the written word. As with spoken channeling, this can also be uplifting, inspirational, or simply informative.

There is no requirement in this form of channelling for the channeller to be in a trance-like state.

In the Chinese language, the word ‘qi’ means ‘breath’ or ‘air’. It is also translated as ‘natural energy’ or ‘life force’. According to traditional Chinese culture, qi pronounced ‘chi’, is the essential life force behind all living matter. It is similar to the Western concept of universal energy. (See universal life energy below). It is the underlying force in traditional Chinese medicine and the martial arts in the same way as ‘prana’ is to Indian culture and medicine.

A way of treating a disease or medical condition (physical, mental or behavioural) which is offered to a client in conjunction with or complementary to standard medical treatment. There are many varieties of therapies which work alongside allopathic medical treatments.

This form of healing involves healing through touch or physical contact between the healer and the client. With the client’s permission, the healer may touch the body in an agreed area, often the shoulders, while channelling healing energy. Although not necessary in order to bring about healing, many clients like the compassionate and comforting touch of the healer. Other forms of healing are distant healing (see below), telephone healing and Skype healing. In all cases of healing, it is the compassionate intent of the healer and the attunement of the healer to Source energy which bring about healing. The method of delivery is optional.

Co-creating in the spiritual sense, as distinct from the economic and marketing sense, is the conscious attempt to create our environment and life conditions in conjunction with Source according to our wishes and intentions; this is usually achieved through meditation, focussed positive thinking and individual effort for the benefit of ourselves or the wider community.

Co-creation involves our taking responsibility for our own wellbeing and leaving aside a victim mentality. It is a conscious attempt to work with our Higher Self in order to express in tangible form our hidden yearnings and passions. It involves working with Source to realise our highest potential and thus to increase our own happiness and wellbeing as well as that of others.

When our instinct or inner knowledge inspires us to take action to realise a dream, then we are co-creating. When we are inspired to make greater efforts to bring about our life purpose, then we are co-creating. When we become conscious masters of our fate, then we are co-creating.

Co-creation also involves the realisation that we, whether as individuals or working together as groups, have infinite potential to create.

Those on a conscious path of spiritual development are aware of their shared divinity with Divine Source. They understand their unity with all things and share a common vision of a world dedicated to truth, love, harmony, shared knowledge and experience for the benefit of all.

The standard meaning of ‘disease’ stresses the disorder of a structure or the abnormal breakdown of the functions of an organism, be it human, animal or plant. ‘Disease’ in the medical sense has specific symptoms and signs which accompany this structural breakdown.

‘Dis-ease’ in the spiritual sense stresses the lack of energetic balance or harmony in an organism. This lack of energetic balance comes from a variety of sources, often from trauma, adverse life situations, poor diet and other negative life conditions. For whatever reason, we are not ‘at ease’ within ourselves. This ‘dis-ease’ at the spiritual plane of existence results in the breakdown of our physical, mental or emotional health.
Often treatments for dis-ease yield only temporary respite and unless the root cause for the energetic imbalance is remedied the illness will recur or other disease will manifest. As we are spiritual beings having an earthly experience, healing at the spiritual plane of existence is needed. When this occurs, the organism will automatically repair its structure unless the structure has run its normal or pre-determined life span.

This is usually contrasted with ‘Contact Healing’ (see above).

Distant healing is essentially intercession by a healer to Source (a non-religious word for God) for healing energy to be received by a recipient.

Distant Healing does not require the healer to be physically present with the recipient as healing energy can be transmitted over any distance because of the connectivity of all energy (as demonstrated by experiments in quantum physics).

On the understanding that all energy is universal energy which can be accessed by all, thus allowing energetic communication; distant healing is just one form of this.
The healer asks for healing energy to go to people, animals, plants or situations in need and sends healing through visualisation and centred thought.

Distant healing can be used in situations where the recipient may not have direct access to a healer or in situations where distant healing is more appropriate. It enables global and planetary healing as well as individual healing.

The incarnating personality as expressed through the physical body. The Latin word ‘ego’ means ‘I’. The ego is seen as the individual personality as it is expressed in terms of its thoughts, words, feelings and will or intentions. It is a self-directing force which distinguishes itself from others. The conscious self.

This is the frequency band, octave or energy field just beyond the physical band of energy. It has often been described as ‘the body’s template’ around which the physical body manifests. It is magnetic in character and its existence has been scientifically verified through Kirlian photography and other studies. Its existence has given rise to bio-magnetic energy healing and advances in modern medical treatments using photographic imaging of this energy field e.g. MRI scanning

(See ‘Magnetic Healing’ below)

As everyone who has worked with electricity knows, it is important to ground electricity to make it safe. So it is with human energy. We are first and foremost spiritual, energetic beings. It is important to connect our energy with earth energies to keep our energetic balance. This grounding of our energy is usually conducted via our Root Chakra (see above).

There are a number of different methods to remain grounded (we just need to choose the best method for us), for example, by:

• visualising our energy connecting with the earth beneath us
• meditating on our base chakra
• using gemstones such as hematite or black tourmaline
• specific affirmations such as ‘ I am now connected with earth energies’

It is particularly important for healers to remember to remain grounded, since failure to ground our energies before and after channelling healing energy may leave us feeling very ‘spaced out’ and non-worldly.

‘Holism’ is the concern to deal with whole, complete, natural systems rather than focussing on the separate parts of a system. It is based on the view that natural systems such as the body can only be truly understood as a whole and not from studying discrete parts of the system.

Holistic health providers, as seen in Alternative or Complementary therapy (see above), focus on the wellbeing of the whole person and not just on the symptoms of the specific illness. The body, mind, emotions and spirit of the person are to be taken into consideration in the treatment of the malady. It is a synergistic approach to healing.

‘Healing’ comes from an Old Norse word ‘haelen’ which means ‘to make whole’.
It is the process by which repairs to the biological system are carried out. It is also the process by which harmony to the imbalanced emotional, mental and spiritual systems is restored.

The methods by which this healing is achieved are very varied in all cultures.
We at Omnes Healing advocate that Source Attunement Healing is a very powerful way of making a person, animal, plant or situation balanced and whole again.

We are not simply a physical body. We are essentially a spiritual being manifesting in a physical body. This spiritual being is eternal, intelligent, energetic and omnipotent. It is our Higher self which is connected to Source energy (God, All That Is, the Divine Being, Allah, etc.) as part of Source energy and we are this individualisation of Source energy in human form.

It is possible to access our Higher Self through meditation in order to become aware of our life purpose, our wishes and needs. However, sudden inspiring thoughts, intuitions, hunches and synchronicities also indicate guidance from our Higher Self. At times, we may hear an inner voice which guides us and prompts us as to how to behave. The promptings of the Higher Self are often described as an inner voice or our intuition which ‘talks’ to us when we align with our Higher Self.

It is recommended that all those consciously following a spiritually-led path should regularly seek guidance from our Higher Selves.

Your Higher Self or Soul is a timeless consciousness which is your true self. It seeks experience, expression and growth via our physical bodies. You and your Higher Self are a team. You provide the physical experience which the soul seeks; the Higher Self or soul provides the guidance when asked. When you seek alignment and guidance from your Higher Self, you become more aware of the limiting nature of your beliefs which dominate your current earthly reality. Remember that we are what we believe. When we are guided to change our beliefs, we begin to express our true spiritual nature. We become creators of our destiny. We become freer and happier when we act in alignment with our Higher Self or Soul.

The human energy field (called chi, prana, the human aura, the life force, or the human spirit in different philosophical systems) and the electromagnetic field of the body are different ways of looking at the same phenomenon. Recent scientific work has proved the existence of the human energy field (the scientific name for the philosophical terms such as aura etc.). See ‘Science and the Human Energy Field’ in the Recommended Reading section. See also aura and chi/qi energy above.

See Higher Self above

Karma relates to the spiritual principle of cause and effect. The necessity for balance and harmony in our spiritual life is paramount. Any action which disturbs our spiritual balance and which has caused a negative effect needs remedial spiritual action to restore the balance. Karma has often been wrongly portrayed as a system of punishment for wrong-doing in our actions. Rather, it is a reflection of the soul’s need for harmony and balance over all our lives.

Karma theory has many interpretations across different religious traditions such as Hinduism and Buddhism. Such theories shares certain common themes: causality or the principle that every cause has an effect; ethicisation or the linking of moral values involving the person’s attitude and intent which in turn has ethical consequences; and reincarnation (See below) or the return to the Earthly plane of existence to obtain the karmic balance necessary.

This photographic process was pioneered in Russia by the electrical engineer, Semyon Kirlian. It captures the bio-energetic processes of living systems on film.

The Law of Attraction is a concept in philosophical thought. Some scientists (such as Bruce Lipton) also believe that the Law of Attraction has a scientific basis, in the sense that we are all part of a universal energy field within which we have individual vibrational frequencies and that our thoughts (energetic impulses) do indeed attract like energetic impulses or thoughts.

It is claimed in such books as ‘The Secret’ and by writers such as Louise Hay that by practising positive thinking and making positive affirmations, we can create the life conditions and relationships that we most want. See also Co-Creating above.

According to spiritual literature, a light worker is a spiritual being who is consciously dedicated to the concept of spreading the Light of knowledge, truth, love, harmony and compassion in the wider community and throughout the universe. In that sense, we are all light workers to some extent or will be when we develop our spirituality to the point of conscious awareness of our spiritual nature.

Light workers are said to have certain characteristics in common: a sense of a spiritual mission; a sense of being somewhat different from others in that they may not fit readily into fixed societal structures; for this reason, they are often solitary in nature; they are often anti-authoritarian since they distrust power and hierarchies; they have consciously used adverse life circumstances to develop their spirituality. These are not ‘superior’ souls. They are often ‘older’, more experienced souls, who return to the Earth plane to assist in its spiritual development or souls who are more consciously linked to Source. They are here to raise the consciousness of humanity, to cultivate enlightenment and be a focal point to enable higher vibrational Light waves to counter-balance lower vibrational energies.

This type of healing works at the etheric level of bio-magnetic energy. If not connected to Source, then magnetic healing or the transference of energy from one individual to another is what occurs. This type of healing can result in the healer using their own energy, resulting in a feeling of energy depletion, whereas Source healing energy does not produce this effect in a healer. Please refer to the scientific book selection in our Recommended Reading List.

In Chinese medicine, the meridians are said to be a complex network of energetic lines or pathways within and around the body. These pathways enable the correct flow of qi or life force and of blood, thus ensuring the vitality and good health of the body. When the flow of these meridians is impeded for any reason, the body’s organs and tissues will malfunction to a greater or lesser extent and ill health results.

The twelve standard meridians, also called ‘Principal Meridians’, are divided into Yin and Yang groups which control the vital organs.

Practitioners of this system include acupuncturists, Chinese herbalists, massage therapists, etc. By manipulating the meridian system of pathways, practitioners assist clients to repair dysfunctioning areas within their meridian systems and restore a natural balance of energy in the body.

Scientific evidence for this view of how the bodily system is maintained is inconclusive; however, in pragmatic terms, it is regarded by clients as highly effective.

Metaphysics is an ancient branch of philosophy which attempts to answer central questions about the nature of our being and our reality on Earth. Famous ancient philosophers include Sophocles, Aristotle and Plato. European philosophers include Kant, Sartre, George Santayana and Albert Einstein. British philosophers include David Hume, Ludwig Wittgenstein and Bertrand Russell. American philosophers include William James, Ralph Waldo Emmerson, Angela Davis and Noam Chomsky.

Modern metaphysics is concerned with such questions as the nature of being and reality; mind and matter; space and time; religion and spirituality; determinism and free will; cosmology and cosmogony (the origins of the universe); identity and change; and the moral laws.

Metaphysics does not offer empirical proof of these matters but conducts debate and enquiry into the nature of our earthly existence. However, scientific discoveries such as quantum physics have re-opened active debate about the fundamentals of our existence and have contributed much to metaphysical debate which, in turn, drives scientific enquiry.

The belief that we all have led lives in other ages, countries and family groups is integral to the concept of re-incarnation (see below) which is a central belief in many religions (Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism) but not all (Catholicism). Past life regression is the ability to recall details of our ‘past’ lives; this recall may be obtained using hypnosis and other techniques. The scientific community is divided about the reality of such regressions, pointing out that the recall of such memories is largely due to other psychological phenomena and that such recall can be dangerous to the client causing emotional distress or, at worst, mental ill health. Other clients regard this regression as a highly effective method of understanding the origins of their dis-ease (see above) and ill health. One of the most famous modern hypnotherapists is the American Dolores Cannon who has written several fascinating books on the recalling of past lives by her many regressed clients (q.v. The Nostradamus series, The Guardians, the Convoluted Universe series and the remarkable Jesus and the Essenes).

This is a relatively new branch of physics which studies the energetic characteristics of matter and energy at the molecular, nuclear and sub-atomic level. Many of its findings support metaphysical beliefs about how the universe is organised. Members of Omnes Healing are referred to the scientific section of our Recommended Reading List.

The philosophical, spiritual and (sometimes) religious belief that a soul can have a new life, even after biological death, in a new body in another lifetime. This doctrine of belief is called ‘the transmigration of souls’. Although there are competing beliefs about the purpose of this rebirthing process, one generally accepted aim of re-incarnation is to enable each soul to seek such experience as will help the soul grow and re-balance spiritually.

Although the scientific community generally naysays the idea since there is no absolute empirical proof, nevertheless some scientific evidence does exist. Many children spontaneously (without hypnosis or suggestions) recall themselves in their ‘previous’ life. The work of psychiatrist, Dr. Ian Stevenson, in his seminal work ‘Twenty Cases Suggestive of Reincarnation’, confirmed that such recollections were accurate in that the data supplied from the children were verified from careful records-checking of the events, places, dates and personalities recalled.

The immortal essence of a being according to philosophical and religious beliefs, although there are a variety of beliefs among these groups as to the exact nature and function of the soul. The soul is said to give us our individuality and is connected with the Source of All That Is.

See Higher Self above.

The Latin word ‘spiritus’ means ‘breath’. Since breath is necessary for existence, the spirit of any organism has come to mean the animating force which gives life to such an organism, e.g. the human body.

In its original meaning, our spirit refers to the force within a person that is believed to give the body life, energy, and power. This animating force departs the human body on death. This term also refers to the inner quality or nature of a person. Our spirit also relates to our sense of personality and consciousness e.g. ‘to be in high spirits’.

In metaphysics, the terms ‘spirit’ and ‘soul’ often overlap since they both refer to non-corporeal aspects of our personality.

This term can mean both a very difficult or unpleasant experience which can result in someone suffering from mental or emotional problems, usually over a long period of time or, in its more medical sense, a serious injury to a person’s body.
It is part of the aim of healing to remove or alleviate such traumas.

This is also known as the ‘inner eye’. It is said to be our innate ability to see beyond ordinary sight. Accessing our Third Eye which is located in the brow chakra, above and between both eyes, is one way we can access knowledge, information and understanding. It is said to be a gateway to our Higher Self or Consciousness. In the past, those who have been able to access Third Eye information were often known as ‘Seers’. The Third Eye is often linked to the pineal gland which is located in the same area. The ability to access Third Eye information is available to all but it often takes much meditative practice to be able to access this inner life function.

Universal life energy has been called by many names over the centuries by metaphysicians, gurus, mystics and sages – and scientists. It has been referred to as: consciousness, unity consciousness, qi or Chi or Xi, Ka, Prana and the more modern and scientific term bio-magnetic energy to name but a few.

See human energy field above.

Vibrational medicine is a term used to describe a wide variety of healing remedies and methodologies which makes use of the universal life force or Source energy which supports life on this planet. Since all organisms are of this life force, healers and therapists use the knowledge of this energy (found in living organisms as plants, gemstones and crystals, water, sunlight, and the foods we eat) to restore energetic balance where needed. Source energy healers channel Source energy directly.

The physical manifestation which we recognise as the human body is said to be made up of a series of interweaving and interconnecting energy fields which deal with various aspects of our personality e.g. the astral body of energy which is linked to our emotional life. Vibrational medicine is also a healing philosophy which aims to treat the whole person by integrating and balancing those higher energy systems which create the physical, cellular patterns of manifestation.

The term ‘visualisation’ is a broad term which in the world of healing includes such notions as ‘meditation’, ‘guided visualisation’, and ‘visualising exercise’.

Meditation involves the stilling of the mind, the exclusion of the rational left brain thinking, the concentration on raising our vibrational levels, all designed to find that still place within.

Visualising Exercise, as used in several Omnes Healing spiritual development exercises, has the intention to make positive changes to our energetic vibrations.

Guided Visualisation involves the exploration of our non-conscious creative capacity.

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