What is the Spiritual in Spiritual Healing?

What is the Spiritual in Spiritual Healing?

To clarify what it is NOT, ‘spiritual’ is not ‘Spiritualist’ as in the Spiritualist Church (a type of religion) nor of ‘spirits’ which are disincarnate beings.

What it is NOT is merely ‘being spiritual’ which is how people describe those who have certain characteristics (such as kindness) and behaviour (attending a church/ synagogue/ mosque).

Dinkar Kalotra states: ‘When you say spirituality, immediately people will add a rejoined peace of mind. Peace of mind is not spirituality. This is just psychological pleasantness, but when you talk about spirituality as a science you are not just talking about just psychological pleasantness. So what’s spirituality… If your experience of your life transcends the limitations of physical, then we can say you are spiritual.’

The Royal College of Psychiatrists recognise the importance of Spirituality in mental health and have produced a leaflet called ‘Spirituality and Mental Health’. They write that there is no one definition of spirituality, but in general, spirituality:

– is something everyone can experience

– helps us to find meaning and purpose in the things we value

– can bring hope and healing in times of suffering and loss

– encourages us to seek the best relationship with ourselves, others and what lies beyond.

The Spiritual in Spiritual Healing refers to the fundamental nature of who we really are as human beings, that energetic aspect of us which is our life force, our soul. Spiritual Healing reaches that essence, nourishes it, balances the energy of which it comprises and puts us in touch with our Source to allow us to feel whole. In so doing, Spiritual Healing raises the energetic vibrations of the receiver and can thus alleviate dis-ease, which may exist at many levels.

The Spiritual in Spiritual Healing is fundamental to describing the spiritual energy balancing and nourishment which occurs in Healing.

Su Mason


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