What makes an Effective Healer?

What is the difference between someone who might be regarded as ‘an effective Healer’ and one from whom you would not readily like to receive healing? Experience? Purity of intention? Level of qualification?

All these may have a bearing on the strength of the energy which a Healer is able to channel, however, this is not the main difference between a ‘very effective’ and a ‘less effective’ Healer.

It is all down to the sub-atomic level

Quantum physics demonstrates to us that at the sub-atomic level, everything is energy, even apparently solid matter. The different appearances of cars, soft furniture, our bodies and our thoughts are the result of the differing frequencies of the vibrations.

Likewise, thoughts, such as jealously, hate, fear, anger, etc., have a much lower vibrational frequency than thoughts such as unconditional love, peace, joy, etc.

A very effective healer will be someone who cultivates higher vibrational thoughts, who ensures that as an energetic being in this energetic world, they themselves are highly vibrational.

How can they do this? There are many ways, from meditation, being in nature or playing with young children, to prayer, quiet contemplation of our true nature and regularly practicing specific visualisations. A really useful visualisation CD (‘Energ-eased’) is available in the store as either a CD or a download.

The main issue is that we need to take responsibility for our own vibrational quality; take time to care for ourselves and practice high vibrational activities.

An effective Healer works on themselves

The main difference between an effective Healer and one from whom you would not readily like to receive healing is that the former will spend time working on themselves. They will ensure that their energetic vibrations are high before they will consider channelling healing energy for others.

Whatever healing qualification a person has, I would say that it is whether or not they work on raising and maintaining their energetic frequency which will dictate how effective a Healer they are likely to be.

As Voltaire writes in Candide: ‘…let us cultivate our garden…’ before we invite clients into our space.

Su Mason

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