What’s in a Name?

What is the most clear wording to describe what we do?

 ‘What’s in a name? That which we call a rose

By any other name would smell as sweet’.

Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet, II, ii (1594)

At Omnes we have been having debates about the best way to describe what we do. People can become confused, irritated or deterred by the various terms we can use and we need to choose accessible and meaningful ways to describe ourselves and what we do.

Here are some current options:

Healing – Traditional, sounds caring but lacks clarity about what takes place. People often ask “What kind of healing do you mean?’

Spiritual Healing – Clearer, but can deter or even frighten some people if their thoughts proceed along the inaccurate lines of spirits or ghosts.

Energy Balancing – Certainly describes the process but lacks a description of the deeper spiritual element entailed.

Mind, Body, Spirit Balancing – I just made this one up! Describes what occurs but is rather long.

What should we call ourselves?

Then there is the matter of what are we best call ourselves?

Healers – Rather presumptuous. It implies a curing ability and that the ‘Healer’ is doing the healing which we are not.

Channellers of Healing – Rather wordy and too esoteric. Likely to deter many people.

Energy Therapists – Are we therapists? I do not believe we are in the sense of the dictionary definition of ‘a person skilled in a particular kind of therapy’. I feel that strictly speaking, we merely create the environment for the connection with Source which allows rebalancing of body, mind and spirit to occur. We do, however, train to UK Healer standards for a minimum of two years to become skilled in this, to be the best we can be at it. Maybe this is the most approachable description?

Alternatively, perhaps we should take Shakespeare’s advice and not worry about the names we assign to what we do as, whatever we call it, healing / energy balancing is the same amazing thing and different wording speaks to different people.

What do you think? We’d really love to hear your opinion.

Su Mason

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