Your Healing Power

by Jack Angelo (


Jack Angelo, D. Litt., is a respected writer, healer, teacher and trainer in the field of subtle energy and spirituality. This practical guide, one of his earliest works, is suitable for those just starting out on their healing journey. It explores the human body and its subtle aspects, the aura and the energy centres, and how the energies of healing work. For Angelo, the physical body is to be seen as part of an interrelated system of other subtle bodies which comprises your whole being.

The exercises provided help the reader to understand the system and to work efficiently with its energies. The nature of disease is explored as well as the role of the mind and its emotions, how healing relates to birth and death as well as to ill-health. Angelo also provides detailed instructions and drawings on the act of healing, ways of working and how to run a healing practice. The book aims to be a self-healing manual as well as a guidance manual for healers. It has been used as a workshop manual for many years.

Your Healing Power is a step-by-step practical course for those who wish to awaken and develop their own healing gifts.


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