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When healing (energy re-balancing), we often see people who tell us that they feel drained of energy by other people and ask us how they can deal with this.

We teach them strategies on how to self-manage their energy fields and have developed an online video presentation to explain these specialist methods. It is particularly applicable for people in caring professions and therapists who regularly feel drained by their clients/ patients/ students.

‘How to Stop Feeling Drained by Other People – by Self-Management of Your Human Energy Field’

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This experiential online presentation lasts for approximately one and a half hours

The following topics are covered:

  • Awareness of energy
  • Transfer of energy between human energy fields
  • The importance of keeping your energetic vibrations high
  • How visualisations work
  • Four visualisations to manage your energies
  • How to clear lower vibrational energy from a space

Online Presentation for Small groups:

  • A convenient live video presentation is available at a price of £35 per person.
  • For Members and Associate Members – This presentation is free
  • For a Friend of Omnes Healing – This presentation is available at a reduced price of £25

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